Africa's Anita Needs Your Help!

Dear Friends:

We are writing to ask for your help.

The day before Christmas, we received some shocking news from Africa. A week earlier, Anita Kemirembe, the child whose story is told in “Anita’s Africa”, had been ploughed in to by a bus as she stood on a roadside in Kampala. Her father and brother were also struck.  Anita’s injuries were devastating and she initially was not expected to survive. One leg was shattered and she was left in a coma from which she emerged seven days later. Local doctors sought immediately to amputate her leg. Faced with this crisis, her father made arrangements to have her transferred to a private hospital where she will soon be evaluated by a specialist. She remains in excruciating pain.

Her father suffered a badly broken leg which has left him unable to resume his work as a tailor. Her mother must be with Anita constantly. The family of six has no health insurance and there is no liability insurance from the accident.

This situation is a tragedy in so many ways. The costs of hospital care up to now have left the family bankrupt and destitute.

Our goal is to raise funding to help them survive until both parents are able to return to work.  We have known the parents over the last 7 years and have seen first hand their commitment to their children. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that Anita and her brothers receive a good education and a set-back such as this one is overwhelming.

We would be grateful for any help you could provide. Cheques should be made payable to Coming Home Films Inc. (“Anita Relief” on the memo line) and either left at Gulfport Realty or mailed to PO Box 106.

We thank you very much in advance for considering this request.


Dereck Atha,
Sue Atha,
Peter Kellington,
Beverley Reid.

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