World Premiere of Kim Darwin’s “Evolutionize This!!” Musical-Comedy Dec. 5th

What happens when a “serious” musician finally surrenders to a wacky sense of fun that has been lurking in the background for years - and is finally busting free? A riotous evening of musical comedy that will engage, entertain and have you rolling in the aisles of the Ag Hall – that’s what!!

Drawing from a lifetime of experience in the professional music business, Kim Darwin and zany side-kick, Miranda Brown, reveal the sillier side of a world that sometimes takes itself too seriously. In a fast-paced series of scenes and original songs, Kim and Miranda cover a range of topics that have two things in common: they relate to the world of music and they are hilarious.

From deranged conductor to alien abductor, Kim introduces a variety of crazy characters. In once scene, he’s a back-up musician who is being verbally spanked by a self-important jazz diva. In another, the two cohorts perform a Jazz Make-over on a ”regular guy,” played by guest performer Marc Parthew. With Oprah-like skill, they turn him into a “cool jazz hipster dude.”

In keeping with the time of year, the evening will feature some of your favourite seasonal music – but with a comedic twist of course!

Hosted by the Mayne Island Music Society,
the fun starts at 7:00 on Saturday, December 5th at the Ag Hall.

Tickets are $15 in advance at Happy Tides;
$18 at the door.

Food by Eden. Refreshments.

For more information contact the Mayne Island Music Society.

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