Volunteer for the Sand Lance Survey - Nov. 12 - 15

Sand Lance Survey  - Volunteer Opportunities

The sand lance survey season is starting and we need your help. So don your wellies and your woollies and your miner’s lamp and join us for some interesting work: field work or indoor work or both!

Sand lance spawn on sandy beaches just below the log line between mid-November and mid-February. Adults measure about 22cm and are an important prey item for several species of birds (makes up from 10% to over 50% of their diet), fish (including coho and Chinook) and marine mammals.

Knowledge about the biology and health of the Pacific sand lance population is limited, making protection of their spawning beaches even more critical.

No experience necessary — just pure enthusiasm!

November 12:
Field sampling at 5:30am and 6pm during favourable tides. Each field trip will be about 3 hours long to cover 6 beaches. Dress for cold and wet weather and bring a head lamp or flashlight if you have one.

November 13-15:
Egg searching 10-4pm, 222 Skana Gate Rd. Food and beverages provided.

Contact Leanna Boyer 539-5937 or lboyer@shaw.ca

Posted November 2009

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