Message from the Mayne Island Conservancy

A message from the directors of the Mayne Island Conservancy Society (MICS)

On Wednesday November 18th -  7 pm at the Community Centre the Mayne Island Advisory Planning Committee (APC) will be meeting. On their agenda will be discussion of the new Sensitive Ecosystem Map and bylaws for the associated Development Permit Areas that have been recommended by the Islands Trust Planner Robert Kojima.

This review and recommendations by the APC are the near final steps in having environmental protection within key ecosystems of the island.

This is extremely important as it relates to the integration of land use planning into the protection of the natural environment of Mayne Island and as such deserves broad support and the fullest understanding by the APC members.

Two MICS directors attended last month’s APC meeting and promised to return this month to assist the APC members with their understanding of these proposals. If you care about good land stewardship on Mayne Island and are interested in seeing how our local government works we urge you to attend the November 18th meeting.

If you cannot attend but wish your voice to be counted please send an email to and we will take your message to the APC.

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