Children's Clothing & Toy Swap - Nov. 14th

Children's Clothing & Toy Swap

A Mayne Island Early Childhood Society Fundraiser.

Saturday November 14, 11 am - 2 pm.

In the Mayne School Gym.

A clothing swap is like a yard sale for clothes. Except instead of individualy pricing items, you can stuff a bag as full as you can for a good price.

Bring your own bag - $5 sm bag - $10 lg bag

Donations being accepted at the school - drop off in the ELF room.

Please provide gently used only.

Posted November 2009


  1. Please note the date has been changed from the 7th to the 14th-still in the gym -any one who can help set up and sort or clean up afterwards can contact Annette Witteman
    or 250-539-5011

  2. I'm not trying to be anonymous but it wouldn't let me list any other profile name as I am not signed up as any!!!!-the last coment is from Annette Witteman
    MIECS chair

  3. Thanks for the comment Annette. The blogspot software isn't ideal, like a lot of the Google software is isn't user-friendly. How to use the comment forms isn't exactly clear either. What I do with these is select "Name/URL" from the "Select profile" dropdown list and then leave the URL part blank.

    I changed the date on the blog, prior to the event and sent out a correction with the next email to the list.