Roy Forbes - Saturday, December 6

Mayne Island Music Society Presents Roy Forbes on Saturday, December 6, 7:30 pm at the Ag Hall, (doors open at 7 pm).

Tickets are $20. Tickets available at the door and at Home Hardware, Happy Tides, & Farm Gate Store. Children under 12 are free.

The Mayne Island Music Society is very pleased to have Roy Forbes perform for us on Dec. 6. Roy is a well-recognized Canadian musician, performer, and song writer whose music has been performed by many artists over the years. Roy will be entertaining us with a wonderful selection of great songs and anecdotes. Don’t miss this Canadian Music Icon!

For further information please contact Kathie Warning (250) 539-2399.

Mayne Island Election Results: Nov 15 2014

Illustration © Jim Traversy/Artifact Designs
The results for all local government elections that pertain to Mayne Island will be posted here as soon as they're available.

Unofficial Results

Islands Trust -- 2 to be elected from Mayne:
Jeanine Dodds 426 - Elected
Brian Crumblehulme 328 - Elected
David Maude 190

Capital Regional District -- 1 director to be elected:
David Howe 1988 - Elected
Stephen Cropper 869

Gulf Islands School District 64 -- 1 to be elected from Mayne:
May McKenzie 330 - Elected
Jan Nicol 169

Voter turnout numbers will be posted here if available.

11:58 pm:
Not a peep for any of the local elections yet, CRD, School District and Islands Trust haven't posted anything. News services are ending their coverages now that Vancouver is all done.

12:28 am:
Results from Islands Trust and CRD in. Nothing from School District yet.

Nov 16, 11:37 am:
Still no results from SD64. We know votes were counted locally, just not reported by SD64 officials yet, for some reason.

Nov 16, 12:30 pm:
May McKenzie reports that the reason for the SD64 delay is there was a glitch in the mail-in vote totals coming from the CRD to the School District. May says that local numbers give her a vote advantage that mail-in vote numbers won't be able to affect, so that she "is the winner".

Civic Info BC can't say when unofficial results will be available or why delay happened. It may not be until tomorrow.

Nov 17:
School District 64 results were made available - see above.

Nov 21:
An election official with the CRD has said that they are working on getting voter turnout information for Mayne Island and will provide that information "as soon as possible". MayneNews will post this info once it becomes available.

Nov 21, Voter turnout numbers for Mayne Island:
Voter Turnout: 522
Total Eligible Voters: 990
Voter Turnout Percentage: 52.7%

This voter turnout information is routinely available for most communities and is reported in the media on election night along with voting results. For our local government elections this information was not being made public, so MayneNews made several enquiries to Civic Info BC, the Islands Trust, Trustee Brian Crumblehulme and the Capital Regional District to find out this public information and make it available to Mayne Islanders.

The voter turnout percentage averaged for British Columbia was a very low 33%, so while Mayne Island’s is higher than most communities, it’s still not really a stellar reflection of voter engagement.

Voter turnout numbers for the other Gulf Islands have not been made publicly available, so we don’t know how well we did compared to other island communities in our area. It is the hope of MayneNews that this information will be more readily available for our next local elections.

Fashion Show Fundraiser: Sat Nov 15

The Tree Frog Gallery is pleased to sponsor a Fashion Show on November 15, 2014 as a fundraiser for MIALS (Mayne Island Assisted Living Society).

There will be a live auction (with great items to be bid on), Quilt Raffle and draws, and also a 50/50 draw. All the funds raised will go direct to MIALS.

This is a fun evening for all. Female and male models.

Tickets are $15 and are available at the Tree Frog Gallery, Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am - 4 pm. Get your tickets early as it was sold out last year!

Bring your husband/partner/significant other for Christmas Gift ideas.

For further information please contact Bob (250) 539-3551.

posted November 2014

Gulf Island Sketches – The View From Mayne: Nov 20-22

5 Short Plays by Mayne Island Writers. At the Ag Hall - Thursday November 20, Friday November 21 & Saturday November 22. Doors 7:30 pm, show time 8 pm. Tickets $10 advance $12 at the door. Children 10 and under free. Tickets available now at Farm Gate, Home Hardware & The Trading Post. Get your tickets early so that you don’t miss out on an evening of terrific entertainment

These 5 plays have been written by Mayne Islanders about their island home and what makes it so special. Each piece is unique, highlighting some of the interesting characters who call our island home. You will not be disappointed.

The Authors have each been involved in the development of their creations with the ultimate goal of seeing their piece carry on to be a part of the 5 Islands tour this winter.

Gulf Island Sketches – The View From Mayne includes:

The Audition – By Brian Crumblehulme. Starring: Shaye Steele, Haylee Stobart & Mark Smith.

On Patrol – By Miranda Brown. Starring: Miranda Brown, Kim Darwin & Bill Bender.

Thin Ice – By Amber Harvey. Starring: Linda Dzus, Marcus & Sam Israel.

Lean on A Gulf Islander – By Leanne Dyck. Starring: Mary Crumblehulme, Mike Nadeau & Deb Foote.

Car Stops – By Amber Harvey. Starring: Karen Noyes & Georgia Johnson.

For further information please contact Deb

posted November 2014

Silver Maynes Annual Christmas Dinner: Sat Dec 6

The Silver Maynes annual Christmas Dinner, turkey with all the trimmings, is a highlight of the Christmas Season on Mayne Island.

The dinner for 2014 is held at the Mayne School Gymnasium, on Saturday, December 6th at 6 pm. The doors open an hour earlier so that members can come, visit and enjoy a drink before dinner.

The dinner is free for all Silver Maynes members paid up for 2014, but members should be sure to make a reservation before November 25th, so that we can have a place set for you. For reservations contact Kit Mitchell, A limited number of 2014 memberships are still available for purchase by contacting Neil Howard at (250) 539-3658 or Memberships for 2015, still only $10.00 each, will be for sale at the Dinner itself.

Will you need a ride? The Community Bus is available. Call (250) 539-0851 a day in advance.

posted November 2014

Association of Mayne Island Boaters AGM: Sat Nov 15

The Association of Mayne Island Boaters are holding an Annual General Meeting:

When: Saturday morning November 15th 2014.
Time: 10:00 am

Where: Church House, 360 Georgina Point Road.

Members and non members are invited to attend:
● review recent events and activities
● learn about programs and activities planned for the next boating season
● learn recent developments and changes in our current marine infrastructure
● we welcome your thoughts and ideas of how AMIB can better meet the needs of Mayne Island boaters
● please consider joining our Executive. We currently need to elect 2 Directors. (A Director carries on the work intended by the Association through committees).

Our current Directors have a calendar of exciting events already planned. Please contact Sharon Bunnin, Secretary, if you would like to get involved. Memberships and refreshments available at the meeting.

For further information please contact Sharon Bunin (250) 539-2311.

posted November 2014

Bones, Beaks and Teeth: Fri Nov 14

Friday November 14th, 2 pm at the Mayne School Library.

This talk is a hands­‐on look at different animal skulls including mammals and birds. Presented by Becky Wigen, Senior Lab Instructor of Anthropology at University of Victoria. If you have bones you would like identified, please bring them.

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian

posted November 2014

Author Reading at the Library: Mon Nov 24

The Mayne Island Library is pleased to present Christine Lowther reading from her new book, “Born Out of This” at the Library (411 Naylor) on Monday, November 24th at 7 pm.

Chris is the daughter of well-known poet Pat Lowther. She describes Mayne Island as her “oasis during a troubled childhood.”

Everyone is welcome. Refreshments will be served.

For further information please contact Judi Walker

posted October 2014

Mushroom Afternoon: Sat Nov 8

Please join us for a Mushroom Afternoon, Saturday November the 8th, 3:30 - 5 pm at the Ag Hall.

Bring down some of your favourite fun-guy friends and we will lay out your discoveries and strive to identify them. There will be prizes for Largest Mushroom and the Most Variety.

Specimens will be easier to identify with an accompanying spore print. Simply place your mushroom cap (one that isn't too old) on a piece of white paper. The spores dropping from the underside of the cap will land on the paper displaying it's colour. If you suspect light coloured spores place your the cap on a black or dark piece of paper.

We will provide resources, talks, and examples of mushroom growing, cooking, and preserving as well as a few short videos on the mighty mushroom. So come down and celebrate the secretive mycelium.

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian

posted November 2014

Updating the 2015 Mayne Island Phonebook

Have you been walking around thinking to yourself, gosh, it must be time to update my listing in the Lions Mayne Island Phone Book? You are absolutely right. It is time to make our phone book perfect. So do not hesitate. Do it right this minute. The deadline for changes is now December 1st.

And guess what? Fixing your listing just got way easier. Here’s all you have to do:

1. go to the Mayne Island Lions webpage: (or just google Mayne Island Lions).

2. click on the link that says, “White Page Listings for new/changes”

3. click on “SUBMIT” (Easy peasy, eh.)

If you prefer a paper copy, here’s what you need to do: turn to page 44 of the 2014 book and rip (yes rip) out the whole page; correct any errors, add your e-mail address if it is missing; fill in the whole page if we don't have you listed.

If you do not have a phone book or page 44 is gone, you can pick up a blank form at the Trading Post.

Please submit a form only if there any changes from 2014, or new listings. You don't need to submit anything if the listing is to remain the same.

Then you have two options: you can take the completed page and drop it in the box at the Trading Post or you can mail the page to 615 Williams Place, Mayne Island, V0N 2J2. All changes and additions must be submitted by December 1, 2014.

For further information please contact Judi Walker

posted October 2014