Film Night at the Ag Hall: Fri Sep 28

Prize-winning short films by Indigenous directors will be presented Friday, September 28 at 7:30 at the Ag Hall. The Library is sponsoring this NFB event and entrance is by donation. As usual, delicious free popcorn!

The films include "Three Thousand" , an artistic look at the Inuit universe by artist Asinnajaq; "The Mountain of Sgaana", a magical journey into the Haida underworld; "To Wake up the Nakota Language", about rediscovering one's language and self; "Holy Angels", presenting the residential school experience from a child's viewpoint and the resilience of a people who have found ways to heal; and "The River", the first hand perspective of people searching for a loved one who has disappeared.

For further information please contact Eleanor Cocker

posted September 2018

Old Man and The Vultures: Wed Sep 26

Join the Mayne Island Conservancy on September 26th at 7:30 pm at the Agricultural Hall for a presentation by Naturalist Dave Manning about the 3 Vultures of North America, with special emphasis on a Turkey Vulture nest site on Pender Island that was observed from mating to migration.

Dave, a birder for over 50 years, fell in love with vultures at age 65 when he stumbled upon a small Turkey Vulture chick peeking out of its nest cave. His Turkey Vulture book will be available for viewing and signing. Dave lived on Mayne Island long ago, taught in the one room school at that time, and monitored Bald Eagle and Osprey nests on Mayne.

For further information please contact Rob Underhill

posted September 2018

New Mayne Island Choir First Rehearsal: Wed Sep 19

Singing enthusiasts are getting together on Wednesday 19th to inaugurate a new choir on Mayne Island at the Community Centre, beginning at 7:30. Everyone is welcome - all voices, all abilities (no auditions!) There will be a short discussion about the start time of future rehearsals, and other items of a business nature after which Leah Jones our conductor, new to the island on that very day, will be introduced.

After careful vocal warm up routines we'll run through music selected from repertoire familiar to members of last year's M.I. Singers, the Community Choir or both! Leah will likely bring something new for us to work on. We will learn part by part as we go and practice files will be available before our second rehearsal.

Singing is good for your health, both mental & physical - and singing in a group is even better! For further information please contact Alan Ryder (250) 539-2673.

posted September 2018

Monday Painters Art Show: Sep 14 - 16

Join the Monday Painters for a celebration of our recent work. Opening Friday, September 14, 7 to 9 pm, at the Ag Hall. The show is open on Saturday, September 15, 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday, September 16, 10 am  to 3 pm.

For further information please contact Bev Whitney

posted September 2018

Monday Evening Fitness Returns Mon Sep 10

Monday evening Fitness returns at the Community Centre starting Monday September 10, 2018. Drop-in from 5 pm to 6:30 pm.

Strength and stretch class from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. This class concentrates on resistance exercises and stretching with a little bit of cardio mixed in. You pick the weights to use, so anyone with basic fitness can participate.

If you have a card for Community Centre Fitness, this session can be used on the card. Costs for drop-in are $5. Costs for class drop-in is $10.

For further information please contact Dave Ewanchuk

posted September 2018

Mayne Island Music Society AGM: Mon Sep 24

The Mayne Island Music Society Annual General Meeting will be on Monday, September 24, 2018 at 7 pm at the Mayne Island Library.

Please come out to join us, as we talk about music updates and future plans for the Music Society. For further information please contact Kathie Warning (250) 539-0444.

posted September 2018

MIPATA AGM: Sat Sep 15

Mayne Island Pathways and Trails Association 2018 AGM will be at 3 pm, in Mayne Island Conservancy Society's Resource room upstairs at 478 Village Bay Road (Root Seller). Everyone is welcome. Light refreshments available.

For further information please contact Irene

posted September 2018

Islands Trust: Is It Time For A Review?

Soon our communities’ attention will be directed towards October’s Islands Trust elections. On our islands we usually have some difficulty in finding candidates because of the reluctance to get involved in the Islands Trust organization and the ever increasing politics of land use. I understand that being in public office is not the most pleasant of endeavours, but it is important.

The Islands Trust over the last 40-plus years, has been given the singular mandate to “preserve and protect" our islands’ environment, ecology, and rural character, and yet in many property owner’s views, it has failed. It’s history of weak leadership, lack of vision, and exaggerated bureaucracy, has appeared to put the emphasis on preserving and protecting the organization rather than our islands. A growing staff level, an ever increasing budget, a reactive rather than a proactive planning strategy, an expansion of involvement in issues outside of it’s mandate, and a centralization of decision making to the Executive, have undermined Trust Council’s focus of fulfilling the original object of the mandate.

Many decisions and actions have frustrated those who support the Trust and those who are opposed to it. Yet year after year, Council seems unable to make any significant changes to the status quo. Instead, they have become defensive and refuse to listen to bona fide complaints or constructive criticism.

Our islands and communities are at a crossroad, and this coming election will determine which direction the Islands Trust will follow, for good or ill.

We are facing an onslaught of development which is contrary to our rural character. Our economies are gearing towards serving tourists instead of our local community. Our cost of living is rising and making housing a critical issue (particularly for those earning minimum wages in the tourist industry). In short, we are becoming, not the unique area envisioned by the mandate, but the same as any other growing municipality in the country.

There are obstacles to changing the direction of the Islands Trust and some will suggest that it is too late. I’m hoping it is not the popular conviction. I’m hoping there are ways, beginning with finding candidates committed to the essence and vision of the mandate, who will stand up to management and staff, and do what is good for the islands, not for special or personal interests. It is the mandate that we should support, not the organizational structure.

Please consider signing the petition on to request the Minister of Municipal Affairs, to initiate a legislative review of the organizational structure of the Islands Trust regarding it’s efficiency and effectiveness in administering the mandate through land use. It’s our tax dollars, let’s ensure we are getting what we pay for.

Sign the petition on

For further information please contact Steve Wright

posted September 2018

Terry Fox Run/Walk/Skip/Bike: Sun Sep 16

Mayne Island's Terry Fox Run/Walk/Skip/Bike/Stroll is happening at Miners Bay Park on Sunday, September 16, 2018. Registration starts at 10:30 am. Run/Walk warm-up (ice-cream eating) starts at 11:45. Run starts at 12 noon.

Come out and enjoy a great day of exercise, eating (Lions providing hot-dogs, hamburgers, drinks) and free ice-cream from MI Parks and Recreation Commission. And mostly, It's a great day to celebrate Terry Fox's legacy with all proceeds going to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research.

Please call Kathie at (250) 539-0444, if you'd like to volunteer for this worthwhile event. For further information please contact Kathie (250) 539-0444.

posted September 2018

Naturally Mayne: Opening Fri Sep 7

Drop by the Mayne Library for the opening of “Naturally Mayne” featuring the art of Jennifer Peers and Jerryann Haggart, presented by the Mayne Island Chapter of the Southern Gulf Arts Council. September 8th to October 8th.

Opening Friday, September 7th 4 pm to 5:30 pm. For further information please contact Jerryann Haggart (250) 830-7175.

posted September 2018