All Candidates Forum: Tue Oct 6

An All Candidates Forum will be held on Mayne Island on Tuesday, October 6th, at the Agricultural Hall from 1:30 - 4:30 pm.

Attending will be the candidates for Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands to be elected on October 19th, 2015. Elizabeth May (Green Party), Alicia Cormier (NDP), and Tim Kane (Liberal) have confirmed their attendance. Please come to hear responses to pre-determined questions, ask your own questions, and support your candidate. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

For further information please email

posted October 2015

Incorrect Information on Voter Information Cards

It’s been reported this week by many people that the information on Voter Information Cards for the upcoming federal election is incorrect.

It appears that all cards have the address of the Church House, where advance polls will be held, as 776 Beachwood Road. The correct address of the St. Mary Magdalene Church House is 360 Georgina Point Road.

There has also been at least one report of a Mayne Island voter receiving a card directing them to cast their ballot on Galiano Island. This is definitely an error. In addition, many voters have received 2 Voter Info cards in the mail.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Elections Canada office in Saanich. Call toll free 1-866-546-7620. Deb Foote has taken on the task of reporting much of this personally to Elections Canada. At the time of this post, I have not heard what Elections Canada’s response to these problems is or whether they intend to issue new Voter Cards. New information and local discussion can be found on the Mayne Island Info Facebook group. Information will be updated on this post as it becomes available.

These problems with Voter Info Cards are not restricted to Mayne Island, but appear to be happening across the country as has been reported in the news. It’s difficult to understand how this is possible since Elections Canada has been aware there will be an election this fall for a very long time. No explanations have been offered at this point why Elections Canada offices seem so ill-prepared for this election. It is hoped that these problems will not adversely affect anyone’s ability to cast their ballot in the federal election.

Mayne Island Deer Education Committee

Following a community meeting in September, 2014, the work of the committee dealing with invasive Fallow deer was divided into four groups with responsibility for education, hunters & permits, political lobbying and long term planning.

In March, 2015, members of the committee met with representatives of the provincial Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources, the Capital Regional District, the Islands Trust and the Ministry of the Environment. The purpose of the meeting was to look at long term solutions to the deer problem since, despite the best efforts of our hunters with special licenses, the Fallow deer population continues to thrive. In the past dozen years, since the special licensing system has been in place, 1,079 Fallow deer have been killed.
As part of the efforts of the Education sub-committee, the following guide to identifying the two deer species is presented to enable residents and visitors to distinguish between them.

Native Blacktail deer and the invasive Fallow deer are distinctly different species. The coat of the Blacktail is generally a uniform brown on the head, back and sides with a lighter shade, almost white, on the belly and throat with a patch framing the distinctive black tail. Adult males typically weigh about 35 kilograms, females 25 kg. Bucks develop forked antlers between April and September, shedding them in late winter. Life expectancy is 6 to 8 years.

Fallow deer exhibit the widest variety of colouration of any species of deer, ranging from very dark brown to nearly white, with many shades and patterns in between. A common variant in the Southern Gulf Islands is the medium brown coat with clearly visible light-coloured spots on the sides and back, some merging into a horizontal line along the flanks between the shoulder and the hind quarter. (Note: a spotted coat is also typical of Blacktail fawns.)

Antlers displayed by male Fallow deer are of a type known as palmate, somewhat resembling those of the moose. As shown in the accompanying illustration, perhaps the most reliable mark of distinction between the two species is the Fallow deer’s black, horseshoe-shaped stripe surrounding the white patch framing the tail. Fallow are larger and heavier than Blacktail and have a slightly longer tail. Males weigh around 60kg, females 40kg. Life span is 12 to 14 years.

For further information please contact Tom Masters

Evening Fitness Classes start Mon Oct 26

Evening Fitness Classes at the Community Centre. We are planning a six-week set of 2 evening classes per week, starting Monday, October 26. A commitment of 6 participants for each class is needed to run the proposed evening classes, so spread the word.

Evening Class Schedule:
Mondays 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM. Interval Circuit Class – With Dave Ewanchuk.
A self-paced workout that is designed to meet individual needs; offering intervals of cardio, resistance and flexibility training.

Wednesdays 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM. High Energy Conditioning Class – With Deanna Stobart.
An energetic workout involving high intensity moves to improve strength, cardio, balance and coordination.

The Community Centre will also be open for drop-in use of the cardio equipment and weight room from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM on these Mondays and Wednesdays.

Cost $75.00 for 12 prepaid classes – cash or cheque accepted. Unless you are an existing fitness member who has already prepaid for classes. $5.00 annual Community Centre membership fee is required for non-members.

Pre-registration is required, so let us know if you plan to participate.

For further information please contact Deanna, or Dave,

posted October 2015

Broom Removal Event: Thu Oct 8

Are you looking for a bit of exercise, some interesting conversation, and some tasty goodies? If you are, we are looking for volunteers to join the Mayne Island Conservancy on our next broom removal day at Henderson Park. It is on October 8th from 10 am - 12 pm, and will involve a hike up to Vulture Ridge and pulling young broom. There's a great view up there and we’ll provide some snacks to keep you going.

For more information and/or to let us know that you will be coming please email Rob at

posted October 2015

6th Annual Community Apple Squeeze: Sun Oct 11

Date: Sunday October 11, 10 am to 1 pm.
Where: Ag Hall grounds. Rain or shine!

The apples, and just about everything else, have been very early this year but there should still be plenty of fruit on October 11 for the annual ‘Squeeze.’ With or without apples a squeeze is promised!

As well as apples, don’t forget to bring your own containers along with a donation for the care and maintenance of the press. If you want to participate but do not have apples there may be some for sale on the day. Another possibility is to help someone with lots of apples pick them and then share the juice. Or, if you’re not interested in putting away juice for the dark days of winter and just want to watch and taste please bring your own cup.

Besides the juice there is a lot of pulp produced. This is excellent for your compost and/or your pigs, chickens or other apple-loving animals, including deer, so . . . bring containers to take it away. Your compost should not miss out on this opportunity! If you bring your apples in plastic bins these can be used to take away the pulp.

To borrow the community press please contact Helen O’Brian at (250) 539-5619 to arrange a date. You can use the equipment on the grounds or take it to the source. If the latter, the press should be away from its storage shed for no more than a day and returned clean and ready for the next person. If you want to use the equipment for the first time you need to find a helper who has had experience. Don’t know of anyone? We can help. A fee of $20.00/day can be paid by cash or cheque payable to the Mayne Island Farmers Market. This can be left in the freemail at Gulfport Realty or mailed to Helen at 622 Gallagher Bay Road, Mayne Island BC V0N 2J2.

For further information or to make a booking, please contact Helen O'Brian

posted September 2015

Talking Circle: Wed Oct 7

Final talking circle to discuss "The Inconvenient Indian".

When: October 7, 2015, 7 - 9 pm.
Where: Mayne Island Library.
Who: All are welcome!
Facilitator: John Aitken.

A talking circle creates an open, undivided space that enables all to be seen and heard in a respectful way that honours that we are all individuals, with something to say. Also, it is a space where someone can simply sit and listen. An object is circulated around the circle, whoever has this object is speaking. There is no cross talking and if you do not want to say something, simply pass the object to the next.

John likes to use this format because it is inclusive and there is no judgment. A Talking Circle creates an opportunity to share and heal in tandem.

For further information please contact John Aitken

posted September 2015

Highlighter: Sat Oct 3

Highlighter features new artwork by artist, Brigitte Lochhead. Through this body of text-based work Lochhead plays with language through the use of light, reflections, and architecture. Highlighter marks out influential moments in literature and language heard within Lochhead's everyday lived experiences that have shifted her perspective and visual practice. Please join us on Saturday October 3, 2015 from 7-9 pm for the exhibition opening at Mayne Island Library. Highlighter will be on display from October 4-November 4, 2015 during library hours.

Opening reception October 3, 2015 7-9 pm at the Mayne Island Community Library. Hours: Wednesday 11 am - 3 pm, Friday 11 am - 3 pm, Saturday 11 am – 3 pm.

For further information please contact Brigitte Lochhead

posted September 2015

MIHCA Operation AED 2015

Help save a life! Support Operation AED 2015.

The Mayne Island Health Centre Association (MIHCA) is raising $10,000 to purchase five additional Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to be placed in strategic locations around the island. Currently we have three AEDs — outside Gulfport Realty, the Ag Hall and the Community Centre.

In the case of a cardiac arrest, an AED provides a “shock” to restore the heart’s normal pumping function. The “shock” should be delivered within 3 minutes of the arrest — hence our goal to have more AEDs available in other areas around the island. An AED is safe and easy to use and over 150 Mayne Islanders have already received training through the First Aid Courses we sponsor every year.
To donate please complete a donation form (available outside Tru Value or at the Health Centre), drop it off at the Health Centre or mail it to MIHCA, #100 - 526 Felix Jack Road, Mayne Island BC V0N 2J2. Please note on both the form and your cheque that your donation is for “Operation AED 2015”.

Donate on-line at Click on: “Donate Now” (bottom right hand corner of the home page). Then click “General” and select the “Operation AED 2015" option. Thank you for your support.

For further information please contact Lindsay Allan

posted September 2015

Seeds: Planting, Harvesting, Storing - Sat Sep 26 & 27

Seed photo by Dawn on Flickr

Dates & Times: Saturday September 26th & 27th.
2 pm tour at the Community Gardens and 7:30 pm presentation at the Ag Hall.
Sunday Sept 27th 10 am seed gathering workshop at the Ag Hall. Bring dry seed heads, mature tomato fruit, etc., and your own bags to put seeds in.

Tour, Talk, and Workshop presented by Mojave Kaplan, aka Seed Warrioress, of the Planting Seeds Project. Mojave is a community educator and seed saving advocate who is passionate about sharing her knowledge on harvesting and storing seeds wherever she travels. She & her partner Martin Faucher operate an organic farm in Lytton BC.

Brought to you by the Mayne Island Conservancy, the Agricultural Society and the Garden Club. Admission by donation.

For further information please contact Helen O'Brian

posted September 2015